05/03/19 @ Rum 138 - Fort White, FL 

SET:  Big Country, Second Skin, Teeny Butt Pt. 1--> Mellowship Slinky in Bmaj, *Pie Ran, Thorazine Shuffle--> Teeny Butt Pt. 2--> Crosseyed And Painless, Voodoo Lady, No Need To Explain, Barely Alive, Howlin' (At The Moon)--> **Hot Bandit Woman

 *1st time played

**w/Jessica tease

Funky Miracle opened

04/27/19 @ Ka'Tiki - Treasure Island, FL 

SET 1:  Big Country, Long Time Gone--> Moondark, Amos Moses, In 3's--> James Brown, Sleepy Monkey--> Pharoah's Kitchen, Easy Wind

SET 2:  First Tube--> Turtle In The Clouds, The Grogans Have Arrived--> Burrito--> Ride Me High--> Burrito, *Hot Bandit Woman

SET 3: Redabs--> Time--> Teakwood Betz--> Driving Song--> Proceed--> Driving Song, Estimated Prophet

*w/Jessica tease

04/19/19 @ Moonrakers - Valdosta, GA 

SET 1:  In 3's--> 2001, Be Thankful, Estimated Prophet--> Big Country--> Time--> Redabs--> Diminished Love

SET 2:  Turtle In The Clouds--> Where You Been?, Second Skin, *Amos Moses, **Mr. Charlie, Eyes Of The World, Across 110th St.

 *w/Jason Chancey (Justin Spivey Band) on bass

**w/Jason Chancey (Justin Spivey Band) on bass & vocals